UM3561 Siren Sound Generator IC Pinout, Working, and Parameters

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Hello friends! Welcome back to ElectroDuino. This blog is base on the UM3561 Siren Sound Generator IC Pinout, Working, and Parameters. Here we will discuss the Introduction to UM3561 IC, Pin Diagram, Working Principle of LM339 IC, Features, and its Applications.


The UM3561 is one type of low-cost ROM (Read Only Memory) IC, that can produce different siren tones like Ambulance, Police, machine gun, and Fire brigade siren sound. This is an 8 pin low power IC, it has an inbuilt oscillator and tone selection pins. The UM3561 IC typical operating voltage is 3V and the Operating Current Idd is 150μA. The output current of this IC Io/p 3mA. This IC mainly designed for making toys and sirens.

UM3561 Siren Sound Generator IC Pinout/Pin Diagram

UM3561 Sound Generator IC Pinout/Pin Diagram/Pin Configuration
UM3561 Sound Generator IC Pinout
Pin NoPin NameDescription
1SEL 2Selection of sound effect pin-2
2Vss/GNDGround pin of the IC for negative (-ve) power input
3OUTPUTThe output pin generates a mono-tone sound
4NCThe NC pin may have an internal function, but it does not have any external functions. So, leave it open for normal operations.
5Vdd/VccVcc pin of the IC for positive (+ve) power input
6SEL 1Selection of sound effect pin-1
7OSC 1External oscillator terminal 1
8OSC 2External oscillator terminal 2

Working Principle Block Diagram of IC UM3561

Working Principle Block Diagram of IC UM3561 and Inside the UM3561
Working Principle Block Diagram of IC UM3561 and Inside the UM3561

Here we will learn step by step what is the working principle is going on Inside the UM3561 using a block diagram. Inside the IC, UM3561 IC has an oscillator circuit, which generates oscillations frequency, this frequency is controlled by the external resistor connected between the OSC 1(Pin 7) and OSC2 (Pin 8). This oscillation frequency will be moved to a control circuit. The working of the control circuit can be depending on the tone selection through the SEL 1 (Pin 6) and SEL 2 (Pin 1). Then the control circuit passes the signal to the address counter. Then the address counter passes the signal to the ROM. Finally, the tone pulses are generated, which will be available at the output pin (pin 3).

UM3561 IC Specifications

Operating voltage (Vdd)Min-2.4V, Max-3.6V, and Typical-3V
Operating Current (Idd)150µA
DC Supply voltage range3.0 to +5.0V
Input/Output voltage (Vss)3.0V to VDD +3.0V
Frequency Stability ∆F/FMaximum 20%  @ Fosc(3.3V)-Fosc(2.7V)/Fosc(2.7V)   @ VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz
Ambient operating temperature -10°C to 60°C
The temperature for storage-55°C to 125°C

Features of IC UM3561

  • 4-sounds can be chosen
  • Power on RST (reset)
  • Operating voltage is 3V
  • A magnetic speaker can be driven by connecting
  • Low-cost
  • Low-power CMOS LSI used in alarm and toy applications.


  • Generating a siren sound
  • Sounds based toys applications
  • Alarm
  • Generate four different types of siren sounds like a toy machine gun sound, ambulance, police, and fire brigade siren.
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